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You will find mostly my own characters in here, but DANNY PHANTOM has a habit of popping up often too O////O


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Everyone I Watch :D

All my friends (mutually watched):
:iconcutelittlenerd: :icondarkspiritkitsune: :icondestinydannyphantom3: :icondqbsurf: :iconecookie: :iconeltigre221: :iconeri-chan8: :iconesmereth: :iconespevoirvee: :iconfallingnarwhals: :iconfirephantasma: :iconfluffythehedgehog12: :iconfrostbite711: :iconghoustlyy: :iconhallodream: :iconhikarishuyo: :iconmonocheshaa: :iconhordaks-pupil: :iconiceyghosty: :iconijel0e: :iconim-stuck-in-a-well: :iconinsomniaqueen: :iconinuko93: :iconjeanette9a: :iconjutsugal1208: :iconkagamochilen: :iconkawwaiwafflez3039: :iconkitteh---girl: :iconkkpetunia7: :iconladykatharos: :iconlayra2185: :iconlexifish12: :iconlittlegoldfishy: :iconlittleovertures: :iconlittlewashu45: :iconlizzyphantom4ever: :iconmainda: :iconmajesticreaper: :iconmarieangel04: :iconmechayourown: :iconmemorysoul: :iconmeow15971: :iconmistheart150: :iconmusiclover135: :iconnibanini: :iconomnimon1996: :iconorangetoonist: :iconowl-bones: :iconghostlygoth98: :iconitzeldrag108: :iconjoyofcrimeart: :iconkmsanchez: :iconnamenotrequired: :iconnurmuzdalifah: :iconreid958: :iconabbybabble: :iconakumi123456788: :iconalice-whiterabbit: :iconallissen: :iconpretty-kitty-luvs-u: :iconallyphantomrush: :iconalphalunawhitewolf: :iconleofoxx: :iconalternativegoth: :iconanimatisoulfire: :iconanimatorwriter: :iconanimekid37: :iconbeyond-blo: :iconanstasia-kunningham: :iconariagwen: :iconasianricey: :iconbctl: :icondreamerdraws: :iconcartoonfreakshow: :iconcrashstone: :iconcresentsky: :iconpetrivalentin: :iconphkins: :iconprincessasparagus92: :iconprincessbinas: :iconnizhoninochez: :iconpsychoticpanda101: :iconronekimew: :iconsaiha12: :iconscarlet140: :iconscaryskits11: :iconshadownightangel13: :iconshadowriderofwolves: :iconsonicydannyphantom: :iconsoul-reaper-allison: :iconsunlight-99: :iconsuper-ninja14: :icontadpoies: :iconthemythicalplatypus: :iconthewhitetitan: :icontsundereviolet-chan: :iconvetjahana: :iconwarriorwolfmaniac: :iconwhitefire33: :iconxandreita93x: :iconxxcaliforniaangelxx::icondpismybae: :iconkorporalkitty: :iconrclewley2: :iconviolet3039: :iconleutenantbecca: :iconxxjinxminxxx: :iconcandymandy1302: :iconbigtimephan: :iconcadylloyd:
I just watch them cuz they're cool:
:iconpearl200084: :iconhalfus: :icontorosiken-ii: :iconrunty: :iconanimatedjames: :iconbillybcreationz: :iconjaxxylupei: :iconkate-fox: :iconnikkiehale: :iconprincessmon: :iconpixiesera:

Read THIS journal if you might like to cowrite with me someday ;) I'm sassy! Try not to mind it. The book I want to cowrite, and finish sometime before the end of this year if possible, is Advent Horizon 3. I'm asking of :heart: ANY :heart: of my friends here are interested, so please comment below if you are. This is the ONLY thing I want to cowrite for now, so sorry to turn down any of you who were hoping for a novella or something. 

For those of you who don't know, I had been turning down cowrites for the longest time, and feeling really bad about it. But that's due to mostly having my focus on editing my own work as well as having a lack of inspiration to start pretty much anything new. Summer is very draining to me and when I'm bored I can't really find the wherewithal to do much besides draw or watch anime. But with the new semester starting, that's hopefully going to be turning around and I'll be filled with inspiration again.

>Expectations? Yeah, I'm picky. Don't try to tell me I shouldn't be too OCD and whatnot; I don't care XD Basically things I'm looking for are as follows: we have to know each other well enough, and you've gotta have great grammar. I don't care about grammar in conversations but in books, it's gotta be perfect XD Characters? I'm the pickiest with that. If you want to use all mine, that's totally fine with me but if you want yours as well, I've gotta like them, and as well, you'd have to like mine too or else that wouldn't be fair. The book is also an original story but it's canon with Danny Phantom. So you can't go bringing other fandom stuff in it either. There are also certain laws of this universe, since it is developed over nearly twenty novels and an additional 10+ stories which are novellas. I'd also prefer to work with someone *gasp* NEW. I want to give them a chance instead of working with the same people all the time, even though those people are awesome (you know who you are, if you've ever cowritten with me before). If you're not okay with this, then that's totally fine! The universe my stories belong to has a lot of rules, and it isn't everyone's thing :)

>What IS Advent Horizon? Well, it's a novel series starring these guys, Team Prism: .:Team Prism:. by PrennCooder  The books consist of a bunch of cowritten "episode" like chapters which are 2,000-5,000 words long each. Each person I cowrite would get one with me. If you want something a bit longer, talk to me. Maybe we could do two, or even some novella. The odds are more in favor of those who have not written with me before. I'm not ready to start today, but sometime soon I'm hoping to. I just don't want to feel overwhelmed after I post this XD

And thanks so much for 800 watchers!! Thanks so much for being my 800th watcher, Wadboy70 
I love you all~

I'm thinking of doing slots for the AH episodes so any confirmed cowriters will be listed here~


PrennCooder's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
Fanfiction: PrennCooder…
Instagram: dannyphantomxceceliahazel…
Wattpad: PrennCooder…
Fictionpress: PrennCooder…

PrennCooder FAQPrepare yourself for some major sass. Every time I get asked one of these I'm going to try to link back to this journal. We'll see how that goes ;) 
Q: Will you write my character ever?
Q: Is your DA icon really you?
A: Why would anyone put someone else's face as their icon?
Q: Do you RP?
A: Totally, but I'm very picky. 
Q: What fandoms are you in?
A: Fandoms I consider myself part of: Danny Phantom (#1), Ben 10, Homestuck, Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Vocaloid, Gravity Falls, Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, Ouran High School Host Club, Neo Angelique Abyss, Phineas and Ferb, Noragami, Harry Potter, Dude That's My Ghost, iCarly, Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, Adventure Time, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Big Hero 6, Grojband, more info here: 
Q: Hey, wait a second, I draw halfas/DxS/furries/Sues/dark themes/Frozen/etc. You hate those things yet you watch me and fave/comment on my pics! WHY? I thought we were friends!
A: I
PrennCooder's Accounts On Other SitesJust figured I would make a journal of this because I just recently changed some of the usernames to PrennCooder so that all the main ones match. So the urls have changed with those. 
Main things:
Deviantart: PrennCooder
Fanfiction: PrennCooder
Instagram: dannyphantomxceceliahazel
Wattpad: PrennCooder
Fictionpress: PrennCooder
Not very active on:
Twitter: PrennCooder
Danny Phantom OC Bio Template and SYOCThis Is My Send-Your-OC-Story! 
Yes, it's true, I'm back from camp and will eventually be working on the long-awaited Phantoms Season 3 novel! Wohoo! I made it!! My story and terms for accepting an OC to write are very strict indeed but I enjoy it because it means I will have the best of the fandom to work with and produce a unique story that will get readers' attention just because it's different from the redundancy that's out there. It's been an incredible journey and I do truly enjoy writing your characters! I have revamped the rules a bit, but the bio form has generally stayed the same. 
You can read and review on the story here:

What Is Not Allowed:
-Mary-Sues/Self-Inserts/halfas/characters based off other characters
-Second Generation or Pre-generation
-Characters from other fandoms
-Siblings of canon whose siblings or lack of siblings have been specified in canon
-Furries/two different eye colo

About PrennCooderI've chopped off the "About Me" from my ID so I can just link to it here. So here's everything you will ever need to know about me and more. 
I love art in general, and love to comment on things. I absolutely love encouraging people and have really gained a major appreciation for art in potential. I try my hardest to stay positive and find something nice to say about everything. I also make a great effort to show my appreciation for those who support me and my art and what I stand for. I’m way more likely to comment than fave, as I rarely fave ever. I’m remarkably open for one so paranoid. I store a lot of deviations and have started deleted old journals. If I didn't store anything I’d have around 1,000 posts and that’d be just obnoxious. I like to think outside the box and promote originality in things. Thinking in new ways is a great way to inspire creativity. The world drives me insane sometimes but somehow I'm still okay. I’m not into most of the
PrennCooder Requests-Trades-CommissionsRead this if you are interested in REQUEST, COMMISSION, ART TRADE, whatever! XD
. : S A S S Y R U L E S : .
>Firstly, I have to like what you want. I'm not going to draw something I don't like or support. If you request something that you see I clearly dislike from seeing it on my profile or in my art, I'm just going to ignore you. Honestly now. 
>Points are not set for a specific thing. Meaning they will vary depending on what it is you want. I may even ask for you to draw something in return for me INSTEAD of points. I'm not gonna draw anything for you without you drawing something for me or giving me points. There are a small few people who are above that rule, but they know who they are, and if you don't know, you're probably not one of them.  
>No I'm not always open. You'll have to catch me on a day when I literally have nothing better to do lol. With summer coming up those days should be more frequent! Times for me can change from boredom to business super fas

Best Setting? (For the manga) *Comment* 

8 deviants said Starting at High School
6 deviants said Starting at College
5 deviants said Summer between high school years
2 deviants said Summer between college years


PrennCooder has started a donation pool!
429 / 10,000
I may want to buy commissions :) donate plz

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