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You will find mostly my own characters in here, but DANNY PHANTOM has a habit of popping up often too O////O


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My Story Is Still Accepting Danny Phantom OCs!


.:The Rules:.

-No halfa sues, or any SUES at all, will be accepted, neither will self-inserts or characters based off another character from ANY show. All submissions must be FIRST GENERATION characters. Your character must be a Danny Phantom OC. It seems a no-brainer, but believe it or not, some people have actually submitted characters from other fandoms. No "secret siblings/children" of canon characters. Cousins are fine though. Also, no tomboys, goth girls, or..."furries" D: A character that can change from human to animal, like a werewolf, is okay though. Please no two separate eye colors. Having blue-green eyes is fine, but not one blue eye one green eye. Sorry but that kind of thing freaks me out. Absolutely nothing yaoi/yuri-related.

-If you expect me to use your character, please fave, follow, and review the story :D (Even if you don't have an account, you can still review as anonymous but leave your name please)

-If there's nothing to say on a part of the bio you're filling out, DO NOT PUT UNKNOWN OR N/A; just delete it! This is very annoying to see! But try to fill out all the things. If the character is not worth your time to develop, then it absolutely is not worth my time writing them. And lastly, you must use my form. Unless you already have a bio made up for your character which is longer than my form

-4-24-15: UPDATE. Girl slots open again. Also a new issue with submissions is duplicate names. It's a problem I didn't predict from the beginning. If your character has the same name as some other character on the list, as one of my characters, or a canon character, I will ask you to change it. Thank you :)

Where you can find the form: DPOC Bio TemplatePrenn's Danny Phantom OC Form~
Age when Danny is a junior in high school:
Hair style and color:
Species (with percentages):
Power weaknesses:
Good personality traits:
Neutral personality traits:
Bad personality traits:
Clothing style:
Music style:
Likes in general:
Doesn't like in general:
Would never do:
Love interest (if applies; can't be Danny):
Family/pets/home life description:
Thoughts on Danny:
Thoughts on Tucker:
Thoughts on Cecelia:
Thoughts on Garth:
Thoughts on Wenn:
Thoughts on Sam:
Thoughts on anybody else like Jazz, Danielle, Valerie, Dash, Paulina, etc:

If you make one, just note it to me or comment there c: Have a great day!


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Would you rather have a bunch of comments or faves? 

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My Buddiez

My friends here on DA!
:iconjetafrayangel: :icondqbsurf: :iconiceyghosty: :iconcartoonfreakshow: :iconalphalunawhitewolf: :icondarkspiritkitsune: :iconvetjahana: :iconeltigre221: :iconprincessbinas: :iconmarieangel04: :iconnibanini: :iconsunlight-99: :iconbctl: :iconalternativegoth: :iconasianricey: :iconjeanette9a: :iconscarlet140: :icontadpoies: :iconghostlygoth98: :iconanstasia-kunningham: :iconmistheart150: :icondestinydannyphantom3: :iconpurpleheartberry: :icontsundereviolet-chan: :iconinuko93: :iconsuper-ninja14: :iconsoul-reaper-allison: :iconespevoirvee: :icondreamerdraws: :iconakumi123456788: :iconcutelittlenerd: :iconfrostbite711: :iconallyphantomrush: :iconmeow15971: :iconlittlewashu45: :iconkkpetunia7: :iconmlpballoonbash: :iconabbybabble: :iconlayra2185: :iconallissen: :iconhallodream: :iconbladerunner1216: :iconim-stuck-in-a-well: :iconkawwaiwafflez3039: :iconlittlegoldfishy: :iconanimekid37: :iconjutsugal1208: :iconlexifish12: :iconmainda: :iconmb111995: :iconfallingnarwhals: :iconeri-chan8: :iconesmereth: :iconnurmuzdalifah: :iconorangetoonist: :iconzaqhirix: :iconzaxphantom: :iconanimatorwriter: :iconalice-whiterabbit: :iconsonicydannyphantom: :iconthewhitetitan: :iconmusiclover135: :iconjoyofcrimeart:
*Please do not take it personally if you are not in this list--I know so many people here that it is easy to leave a few out. If we are in fact friends and you want t be on the list, let me know ;) thank you.

Commissions/Requests/Trades? (My Sass)

. : S A S S Y R U L E S : .

Read this box if you are interested in REQUEST, COMMISSION, ART TRADE, whatever X3

>Firstly, I have to like what you want. I'm not going to draw something I don't like or support. If you request something that you see I clearly dislike from seeing it on my profile or in my art, I'm just going to ignore you. Honestly

>Points are not set for a specific thing. Meaning they will vary depending on what it is you want. I may even ask for you to draw something in return for me INSTEAD of points

>No I'm not always open. You'll have to catch me on a day when I literally have nothing better to do lol. With summer coming up those days should be more frequent

>If its points I ask for then you must produce them before I draw your piece. I wasn't born yesterday, though sometimes I can act like it XD If you ask for a request I will basically make it into a commission or art trade if I want to do it lol

>Also you gotta be watching me. And no I don't mean watch me then unwatch when your piece has been up for a while. I notice EVERYTHANG and your piece may just suddenly...disappear...for all time ;)

>No I am not going to draw animals, furries, chibis, things I know absolutely nothing about, MOST ships, you yourself, or a character you don't give me enough info on

>Don't expect a great pose

>I'm picky cuz I am lazy and only want to draw something I really like. So if you have a character or ship I think is awesome, then you're in luck! ... Probably...

>I will think of more sassy rules later!
Prepare yourself for some major sass. Every time I get asked one of these I'm going to try to link back to this journal. We'll see how that goes ;) 

Q: Is your DA icon really you?
A: Why would anyone put someone else's face as their icon?

Q: Do you RP?
A: Totally, but I'm very picky. 

Q: What fandoms are you in?
A: Fandoms I consider myself part of: Danny Phantom (#1), Ben 10, Homestuck, Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Vocaloid, Gravity Falls, Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, Ouran High School Host Club, Neo Angelique Abyss, Phineas and Ferb, Noragami, Harry Potter, Dude That's My Ghost, iCarly, Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, Adventure Time, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Big Hero 6, Grojband

Q: Hey, wait a second, I draw halfas/DxS/furries/Sues/dark themes/Frozen/etc. You hate those things yet you watch me and fave/comment on my pics! WHY? I thought we were friends!
A: I can still be friends with someone, even if they love something I hate. Friendship is about being kind to one another and looking out for each other; not always based off the same interests. Yes I have a lot of friends who draw stuff I don't like, but I can still appreciate the piece because its good art. There are several people I watch/comment/fave just because their art is good, and I'd like them to know I think that. :D

Q: What do you ship?
A: OTP: DannyxCecelia :heart: Other Ships: SeverusxLily, BenxKai, TuckerxJazz, TuckerxSam, DashxDani, DannyxPaulina, WennxCecelia

Q: But no wait, I think Danny Phantom belongs with SAAAAM!!!
A: Don't care.
DP: DannyxCecelia Forever! by PrennCooder DP: Red And Gold by PrennCooder  DP: OTP! by PrennCooder

Q: Oh noes, you hate all of the things I like D: waaah you must hate ME too!
A: No, absolutely not. I might despise what you are into with every cell of my being but regardless I think we can still be friends. Nobody ever said that friendship is based on what you have in common. Sometimes opposites can make the best of friends.

Q: What tools do you use to color your pics?
A: I got more markers than a high school art room by PrennCooder

Q: I'm having a hard time and just need some advice. Can I confide in you?
A: That's the story of my life lol of course. I think even if I said no, which I don't want to, people would ask my advice anyways. But seriously I do love giving advice and helping where I can :D

Q: What kind of music are you into?
A: Music Style: Vocaloid, Skrillex, Cash Cash, The Vamps, Tobymac, Hillsong, Rend Collective, Selena Gomez

Q: I've just watched you so will you watch me back?
A: I only watch people I talk to a lot (and a small amount of famous people). So basically I only watch people I have befriended. ANYONE can become my friend as long as you present yourself respectfully and not creepy. But if all you want is a watch back, and don't intend to ever talk to me again after one conversation, I'm not interested.

Q: Do you have an account on--
A: Here is where you can find all my accounts. Account UpdatesJust figured I would make a journal of this because I just recently changed some of the usernames to PrennCooder so that all the main ones match. So the urls have changed with those. 
Main things:
Deviantart: PrennCooder
Fanfiction: PrennCooder
Instagram: dannyphantomxceceliahazel
Wattpad: PrennCooder
Fictionpress: PrennCooder
Not very active on:
Twitter: PrennCooder

Q: OMGosh you hate frozen/mlp/hunger games/divergent/DxS/furries/yaoi/yuri/crossovers?! What! That shouldn't be allowed! WHYYYY?!
A: I think they're all stupid. Plain and simple. If you like it then keep it to yourself. I'm just sick of seeing this stuff everywhere. Don't try to get me to like it because I am one of the most stubborn people on the face of the earth ;) I will always hate these things

Q: Will you add me as a friend on facebook??
A: If we are actually friends, then sure. Just note me yours. 

Q: Can you tell me more about your OCs?
A: Sure! I'd love to! What do you want to know?

Q: Got any life sayings?
A: Not Famous (Instagram Pic) by PrennCooder Nonconformist vs THE CROWD (Instagram Pic) by PrennCooder

Q: OMGah so this is your old fanfiction account??!… OMGah so you're really THE LEONARDO DICAPRIO???!!!
A: Absolutely. Just look at dat pwetty Leo face ;) 

Q: Do you take commissions, requests, or art trades?
A: See commission box on my page ;) Thanks for taking an interest
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PrennCooder's Profile Picture
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United States
Main things:
Fanfiction: PrennCooder…
Instagram: dannyphantomxceceliahazel…
Wattpad: PrennCooder…
Fictionpress: PrennCooder…
Twitter: PrennCooder
Pinterest: PrennCooder
Tumblr: PrennCooder…

About me:
I like to check out the galleries of anyone and everyone even remotely associated with Danny Phantom. I am way more likely to comment rather than fave; I rarely ever fave haha. I’m a Christian, an optimist, a teen, and a student. The thing I hate the most in the world is when something really good goes unnoticed while so many stupid things are popular. I love talking to people here or on any of those other sites I just put links of up above. I do have a facebook, but don’t add me on FB unless we are ACTUALLY friends here. If you want me to add you, then note me about it please, or comment with your name or something. All of my other site accounts are for meeting new people but my Facebook is private for the friends I actually talk to only and I ask you to respect that please. There are alot of things that I'm not into (FNAF, halfas, dark stuff, certain animes) but I will still sometimes comment and fave on the art because I can appreciate good art. I can't stand that the pony art is everywhere, for example, but some of the pics are really fantastic. So just to be clear, even if I hate the fandom or whatever, I still know how to appreciate good art when I see it Keep up the good work, people!

Popular things that I don't like: DannyxSam, TuckerxValerie, Hunger Games, Divergent, Frozen, Attack on Titan, Niki Manaj, Yaoi, Yuri, Chibis, Tomboy characters, Goth/Emo girl chracters, Cowboys, Aaaaand I also hate how mainstream MLP is. It's a show for little girls >o< used to like it when I was younger, not saying its bad at all, but seriously, its for kids. And I’m sick of seeing it everywhere.


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