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You will find mostly my own characters in here, but DANNY PHANTOM has a habit of popping up often too O////O

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18 deviants said .:Kibbon (1989) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder
14 deviants said .:Cecelia (1990) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder
10 deviants said .:Aerone (1990) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder
7 deviants said .:Travis (1990) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder
4 deviants said .:Wenn (1990) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder
4 deviants said .:Garth (1987) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder


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Kibbon Clevely is one of my major #characters. He's an #OC, making many appearances in my original novels as well as in #dannyphantom #fanfiction. He is part of my group of supernatural superheroes, #teamprism. Kibbon typically dresses in #emo #scene #style, keeping his hair dyed red with black tips. When he gets into his mid to late twenties, he stops dyeing it. I thought making character spotlight journals to show art focusing on a specific OC would be fun. In this journal you will find a collection of all his pics and all the pics related to him. Feel free to ask questions! I love that! #kibbonclevely #kitron
Reference Sheet: .:Kibbon (1989) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder (please read/comment/fave to get to know more about him)
Love Interest: .:Corah (1992) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder
Best Friends: .:Aerone (1990) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder .:Travis (1990) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder .:Cecelia (1990) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder .:Garth (1987) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder .:Tekairo (1990) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder .:Tyler (1990) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder
Enemies: .:Wenn (1990) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder .:Larrow (1991) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder .:Preston (1994) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder .:Cirth (1995) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder
Close-up: A Shocked Face by PrennCooder #anime #cartoon #originalcharacter #fancharacter #referencesheet
Normal look: Happy Emo by PrennCooder Strangle by PrennCooderINVISIBLE Comic - Page 5 by PrennCooder INVISIBLE Comic - Page 4 by PrennCooder That Crushing Feeling by PrennCooder .:Team Prism:. by PrennCooder .:Advent Horizon 2 Cover:. by PrennCooder
His superhero alter ego, Kitron: INVISIBLE Comic - Page 15 by PrennCooder INVISIBLE Comic - Page 12 by PrennCooder INVISIBLE Comic - Page 7 by PrennCooder INVISIBLE Comic - Page 6 by PrennCooder
Silver crystal powers: Senpai Noticed Me by PrennCooder  INVISIBLE Comic - Page 11 by PrennCooder INVISIBLE Comic - Page 10 by PrennCooder Don't Mess With Us by PrennCooder
Really old design of him: Team Prism And Friends by PrennCooder #supernatural #superhero
Middle-aged (head bust in lower left corner): The Future Fentons (plus Wenn) by PrennCooder
He is closed for pairs but definitely open for friends, always. If you think you might be interested in having your OC be his friend, check this out:  -FRIENDS For My Characters-I'm always looking for friends for my OCs. Keep their birth years and personalities in mind as you consider which characters of yours they could become friends with. 
    .:Shelley (1988) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder .:Corah (1992) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder
So if you have a Danny Phantom or Non-fandom OC that wouldn't conflict with the universe, think on it ;) let me know if you have OCs that you think could be their friends. Contact me! I LIVE FOR THIS STUFF HEHEHEHEEEE! Might give us art trade ideas!
AERONE (Extrovert): He likes to make friends with people who have an open heart and open arms so to speak. He likes people who take an interest in the benefit of others and helping them. He humility and
 #open #friends #arttrades #artfeature #arttrade #arttradesopen 


Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
If you want to learn about or even draw my characters, just ask me! I love meeting otakus/Danny Phantom Phans who enjoy the show and have non Mary Sue OCs. I'm hyper, usually chatty, and kinda random. I love making new friends but I will not hesitate to block anyone who is rude or creepy. It should be obvious but I make a lot of my own names and species and I do not allow the usage of any of my characters/ideas/etc without explicit permission. As in, I take theft very seriously and if you use something of mine, whether to claim it as your own or whatever, you may or may not get a warning before I REPORT it.

Do not tag me in things that have nothing to do with me at all, particularly raffle posts. I don't mind getting tagged if its for a shoutout or if your piece actually has something to do with me though! Please look at the journals below to learn more about me. Thanks for taking a look at my page!

Disclaimer: In case it wasn't obvious, I don't own Danny Phantom or any of the shows I draw fanart for. Unless otherwise stated in the specific picture, I do own the OCs I draw. You are not allowed to reupload/repost/edit my pics/written works/anything generated by me for any reason. If I see that something of mine has been stolen, edited, or redistributed in any way, I reserve the right to report it without warning.

-About PrennCooder-Hi!!! I'm Prenn! Big time Danny Phantom fan!
You've probably heard of Cecelia Hazel and/or Wenn Lestri by now, if you're on my page. Well, I'm their creator :D
Short Intro---

Wassup, bros? Welcome to my page! The focus of my gallery is Danny Phantom, Team Prism, Heartbeat Lost In Time, and covers for my stories. I rarely post anything else and if I do, it's some kind of other fanart. I'm into Danny Phantom, Gravity Falls, anime, and pretty much anything to do with Japan. I adore talking about my characters. My main group of six you can find in the description of almost every picture in my gallery. All OCs I draw, unless otherwise credited, belong to me.
I love talking to people but if you're creepy or rude, I'll block/report if necessary. Do not draw or write my characters without my permission. I will almost always say yes if you ask to draw them even if I don't know you, but I do not like surprises. I take my characters very seriously. I will usually not give permission writi
-OC And Writing FAQ-If you have been linked back to this journal, you've asked one of those questions that I hear a lot! You can find your answer below. #faq 

Q: Who are your main characters?
A:           .:Shelley (1988) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder .:Corah (1992) Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder
#oc #ocs #originalcharacter #originalcharacters #ceceliahazel #wennlestri #aeronesovant #garthlloyd 
Q: Can my character be friends with yours?
A: -FRIENDS For My Characters- by PrennCooder
Q: Can I pair my character with yours?
A: -PAIRABLE Characters- by PrennCooder
Q: Can my character be your character's enemy or arch rival?
A: Not a good idea. 

Q: Can I make my own character of one of your sp
-General And Artwork FAQ-If you have been linked back to this journal, you've asked one of those questions that I hear a lot! You can find your answer below. #faq

Q: Who the heck are you?
Q: What's your main fandom or art focus?
A: #dannyphantom and my own characters. 
Q: What other fandoms are you in?
A:  #fandoms #fangirl
Q: Do you have an account on ______?
A: If I do, its named PrennCooder. If you want a followback, message me on whatever site it is and let me know who you are, and if I know you, I'll follow you back. 
Q: Who do you ship Danny Phantom with?
A: Paulina and Tekairo, but mainly the obvious ship in my gallery is #dannyxcecelia. #otp #ceceliahazel #dannyphantomcecelia   
Q: Why don't you ship Danny Phantom with Sam Manson?
A: Why WOULD anyone ship that is the

-Misconception-Aside from the misconception that Cecelia is my main OC just because she is drawn with Danny the most, there has also been a misconception that Cecelia is me, based off me, or some version of me when she isn’t and never was. I hate it when people base characters off themselves, so I would never do that. Cecelia and I are very different so I’m making this journal to show how. Wenn is the main character of my gallery, not Cecelia. He is also the character I have drawn the most; I just don't post everything with him in it. I’m just stating these things to clarify because these misconceptions along with people spelling Cecelia’s name wrong are very irritating after a while. So in the future if anyone makes these misconceptions (and I hope they won't) I will link back to this journal.
How Cecelia and I are alike:
    ·         Girly in general, enjoying new clothes, accessories, and makeup
-PrennCooder Art Trades-Open for anyone who has a character that interests me. 
-A color reference picture of your character drawn by you
-I have to like the character and see them as friends with at least one of my ten characters below, and be able to get an idea from it. 
What I could draw for you:
-Your (first generation) Danny Phantom or non-fandom OC that I like in the same pic with one of my OCs, as friends. I'm fine with drawing non-fandom OCs but they can't have anything about them which would conflict with my universe. My characters here below are in my own main universe that meshes with DP. If you tell me you don't know any of my major characters, then this tells me you're not serious about a trade. Their pages are right there, and you can ask me anything about them at any time--I could not have made it easier for you to find out about them. So if your idea works for me, I will likely draw the trade as a comic type of page as you
-PrennCooder Commissions-Whether art trade or commission, the rules are the same for what I would draw for people. Watching is no longer necessary. 
-I have to actually want to draw it
-Pay once we have agreed on something, and before I draw it. If you give me points before I state that I'm going to draw something for you then I'm not obligated to give your points back
-Reference of your character drawn by you. I don't design characters for people
-Even though the picture may be drawn for you and contain your character, you may not repost, reupload, copy, or trace my artwork at all, for any reason
What I could draw for you:
-Your (first generation) Danny Phantom or non-fandom OC that I like in the same pic with one of my OCs, as friends. I'm fine with drawing non-fandom OCs but they can't have anything about them which would conflict with my universe. My characters here below are in my own main universe that meshes with DP. If you tell me


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Hey, Prenn! I was on youtube and saw this. I was wondering what your thoughts on Butch Hartman's portrayal of the gang ten years older are. I kinda consider it canon since Butch created DP.…
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Can I make a suggestion for a new writing guide; How to make a good villain.
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ayyy i finished the drawing part (i know his body is kinda sideways xD) of the competition and i will write his personality and backstory as soon as i have time
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