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How similar are you to your OC? Template
--Template for use with CREDIT only.
--Compare and contrast you and your favorite or main character. This may help you to discover things about them that are like you and can be changed, so that your character isn't a self-insert. Let’s begin.
Names: PrennCooder [me] // Cecelia [main girl OC] // Alliza [favorite OC of all time]
Height: 5’4/5’5 // 5’6 // 5’8
Build: curvy // thin // skinny
Skin Color: light tan // very tan // pale
Hair Color: light reddish brown // very dark brown // black
Hair Style: long straight* // long straight* // long straight*
Eye Color: dark brown // purple // dark blue
*Note: when I created both of them my hair had never been long
Theme Colors: *pink/red // *pink/white // gold/blue
Main Talent: story writing // cheerleading // singing*
Secondary Talent: character drawing // cosmetics // acting/performance
Tertiary Talent: song writing // aesthetic crafts // dancing
Additional Inte
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.:Story Universe Category Development:.
• Here’s a checklist of basic elements that make up story universes and can define them from other story worlds out there. I hate the term “Story Bible”, but that’s basically what I’m getting at—that its important for you to clarify and solidify what exactly exists out there in your universe and what is impossible. Maybe not share all this information to your readers, but at least keep it for yourself so that you’re consistent AND, importantly, that you don’t throw in too many of these things. A well rounded and well developed universe will have about 5-12 of these aspects in it. Any more, and you risk having too much and disenchanting your readers.
• Normal Humans? Regular people, humans, who live the regular normal lifespan and have no powers or extra abilities whatsoever. You can’t get any more basic than this.
• Supernatural/Paranormal Species? Earth species based more in the nature of human-looking people who
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A Novelist's Frequently Asked Questions
A personal question and answer where I explain things about my writing in the hopes of inspiring you to write more, and dwell more on your stories so that you're able to finish them.
To everyone who has ever asked me...
-----"How many books have you written?"
I currently have 40 stories that are novel length [40,000 words or longer].
I currently have 28 stories that are novella length [17,500 words and under 40,000].
And I have a crap load of short stories whose word length I don't keep track of.
-----"What inspires you to write?"
Music would be the main cliche, the obvious answer. But I wouldn't say music inspires my stories but rather can get me in a good mood to write. However I almost never listen to music while writing, because I prefer to write in total silence. There is no singular person or figure which inspires my writing. Most writers will tell you "oh, well I loved _____ and their works!" but I don't have any of those role model type of people. Danny Phantom was, for a time,
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Art Thief Awareness // Artists Against Art Thieves
Its not a big deal.... Until its you. Until your own pictures and/or OCs get stolen, traced, drawn, written, or used without your permission. Then its a big deal... But you don't know what to do... You just know you are very mad, and what they did needs to stop. So come to me and your other friends and other people who you know have experience and ask for help.
Some people may think, well, they like someone else's OC and don't have their own so they want to use yours. Its even easier if you're famous because this person feels like you won't notice they took it. Their friends will praise them for their great art and/or OC, but you know its yours. They may try to justify themselves by turning the blame "you shouldn't have put it out there if you were so weird about other people using it". Or, "its just a fanart/fanfiction of your oc". If its not yours, how hard is it to freaking ASK for permission to draw someone else's character? Not hard at all. In fact most people will grant permissio
:iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 47 99
Next Generation: Aerone And Cecelia's Kids by PrennCooder Next Generation: Aerone And Cecelia's Kids :iconprenncooder:PrennCooder 25 61
You will find mostly my own characters in here, but DANNY PHANTOM has a habit of popping up often too O////O

Just a few of the many amazing friends I have

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Jun 27, 2017
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Jun 26, 2017
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I've been in the Art Trades business for years and a lot of people have even taken requests of drawing my characters. I love it when people want to draw my characters!!! Makes me so excited that you love them so much that you want to draw them <3 but there are several things that bother me enough to be honest with you guys to say that I'd rather you not draw them if you might end up doing any of these, because doing these things makes the character seem, well, not like my character at all. I've seen these things enough that they really bother me, and like I said, I'd rather you just not draw them if you're going to draw them with my pet peeves. Really, please just don't. 

-----Aerone's eyes are green on top and blue on bottom - a lot of people make his eyes one color or the other...but its actually both colors
-----Aerone is almost never seen without his bandanna - its his trademark. 
-----Cecelia is Native American - I try to make it clear that she has a darker skin tone than most of the members by using a marker four/five shades darker than the skin tone that Aerone/Wenn/Kibbon/Preston/Larrow/Shelley/Corah have. She's pretty tan. No, she's not white. No, she's not black. 
-----Cecelia's hair is all one length - SHE DOES NOT HAVE BANGS, nor does she have layers. It's all one length, at her hips. 
-----Cecelia's hair is straight - pin-straight, naturally. She almost never will add a wave to it. 
-----Cecelia's hair is an extremely dark brown - not light brown, not chocolate brown, but the darkest brown you can have without it being black. I use my darkest marker for her, then I go in and darken it even more digitally. In fact if I had to choose an actress for her, I would pick a black-haired lady over a brunette to play her. 
-----Travis isn't black - not even remotely. He has dark skin, yeah, but he's actually pure asian. He's a mix of Indian with another asian ethnicity. Indian dark skin tone from both sides of his family is dominant, there ya go. He has asian-esque eyes, and straight hair. 
-----Travis isn't skinny - yesssss while I'm known for my skinny characters, Travis is more bulky. While in earlier drawings of him he was still thinner, while I was figuring him out, his final design is a somewhat husky kind of guy. 
-----Kibbon isn't effeminate - I don't know what has lead some small few to see Kibbon as feminine (seriously wth), but there isn't anything "girly" or "womanly" about him. He's a tall skinny good looking happy guy, a huge ladies' man actually, who's into a harsh kind of style. He has long hair, yeah, but his hair length would still be relatively short even for a girl. 
-----Garth isn't skinny - his legs might be relatively thin but overall he has much wider shoulders and a more broad, muscular upper body than everyone on the team but Travis. 
-----Wenn doesn't smile - unless he's up to something terrible. Seriously, I'd rather have you portray Wenn as some kind of irritated Edgelord than some happy smiley character just standing there. Wenn's pretty moody, and always always has his guard up. 
-----Garth is always serious - he doesn't just smile to smile, and he doesn't joke around either. He has an overall cold and brooding attitude that might seem off-putting. He isn't happy with himself, or his job, or his life, or his love life.
-----Wenn, Larrow, and Preston have golden eyes - not bright neon yellow or orange so dark it looks brown. They also have fangs that show. NO THEY ARE NOT VAMPIRES. Its my own species. 
-----Preston is punk AND athletic - I get if you want to show one style of him over the other in your drawing, but just keep in mind that he's this dark, arrogant, rebellious punk douchebag, not some happy go lucky sports hero. 



Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
• Prenn/Otaku/Cartoonist/Manga/Novelist/Hyper/Girly/Student
• I am a Christian
• My main fandom is Danny Phantom, but I’m more into my OCs
• I am pro DannyxCecelia, DannyxPaulina, and anti DannyxSam
• My favorite things to talk about are my OCs
• I love to chat about fandoms and exchange good music also
• I find that most popular shows/movies these days are in poor taste
• So if you’re going to ask my opinion on something, keep this in mind
• Art Trades/Commissions open to anyone with friends for my OCs
• I never draw just any random art suggestion or request
• My own friends list will always be displayed on my page
• Feel free to tag me in drawings or OCs that you want to show me
• But do not tag me in anything unrelated to me or my art
• I may write novels but I hate reading, so don't ask me to read
• I enjoy making guides related to overall character and writing development
• I block anyone creepy, rude, condescending, or argumentative without warning
• I believe that disagreeing sides can state what they believe without debating
• I don’t debate; don’t expect to convince me of something I don’t believe in
• I will not view/read anything with inappropriate/“mature” content
• Will report any unauthorized usage of my own OCs/Species/Names/Concepts/Creations
• All of my species are closed species, for usage by me with my closest friends only
• Unless otherwise stated in the picture, I DO own the OCs and species that I draw
• Disclaimer: I don’t own Danny Phantom or any of the fandoms that I draw fandom for
• I do not side with most popular idealisms/movements/belief systems
• I am not affiliated with LGBT, prochoice, or any specific political platform
• As such, I will not draw/write anything related to said affiliations, so don’t ask
• Keep these things in mind when talking to me, and be respectful, as I will be to you


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