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About Traditional Art / Student Official Beta Tester ☢ DannyPhantomxCeceliaHazel ☢Female/United States Groups :iconcecelia-wenn-garth: Cecelia-Wenn-Garth
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You will find mostly my own characters in here, but DANNY PHANTOM has a habit of popping up often too O////O


☢ DannyPhantomxCeceliaHazel ☢
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
.:I'm obnoxious:.
Wassup, bros? Welcome to my page! The focus of my gallery is Danny Phantom, Team Prism, Heartbeat Lost In Time, and covers for my stories. I rarely post anything else and if I do, it's some kind of other fanart. I'm into Danny Phantom, Gravity Falls, anime, and pretty much anything to do with Japan. I love talking to people but if you're creepy or rude, I'll block/report if necessary.

Do not draw or write my characters without my permission. I will almost always say yes if you ask to draw them even if I don't know you, but I do not like surprises. I take my characters very seriously. I will usually not give permission writing them unless I know that you know them well enough. Do not repost or redistribute anything made by me for any reason, because, ya know, I made it and all.


PrennCooder FAQPrepare yourself for some major sass. Every time I get asked one of these I'm going to try to link back to this journal. We'll see how that goes ;) 
Q: Do you cowrite?
Q: Is your DA icon really you?
A: Why would anyone put someone else's face as their icon?
Q: Do you RP?
A: I'm very picky. So it depends. You can go ahead and ask. Give it a try. But it may not work out. 
Q: What fandoms are you in?
A: Fandoms I consider myself part of: Danny Phantom (#1), Ben 10, Homestuck, Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Vocaloid, Gravity Falls, Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja, Ouran High School Host Club, Neo Angelique Abyss, Phineas and Ferb, Noragami, Harry Potter, Dude That's My Ghost, iCarly, Zoey 101, Drake and Josh, Adventure Time, Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Big Hero 6, Grojband, more info here: 
Q: Hey, wait a second, I draw halfas/DxS/furries/Sues/dark themes/Frozen/etc. You hate those things yet you watch me and fave/comment on
PrennCooder's Accounts On Other SitesJust figured I would make a journal of this because I just recently changed some of the usernames to PrennCooder so that all the main ones match. So the urls have changed with those. 
Main things:
Deviantart: PrennCooder
Fanfiction: PrennCooder
Instagram: dannyphantomxceceliahazel
Wattpad: PrennCooder
Fictionpress: PrennCooder
Not very active on:
Twitter: PrennCooder

PrennCooder Requests-Trades-CommissionsRead this if you have wondered if I take requests, trades, or commissions. I'm pretty sassy though, I'll warn you :p
--Firstly, since I only draw what I want, I'd have to like what you want. So you gotta know a bit about me before you ask; that's a give-in. It's irritating to get people asking me to draw things that they know I hate. I post about what I don't like so if a drawing done by me is really that important to you, you'll figure it out XD
--You gotta be watching me, and have been watching me for a while so that I know you're actually interested in my art other than getting something out of me. And no I don't mean watch me then unwatch when your piece has been up for a while. I notice EVERYTHANG and your piece may just suddenly...disappear...for all time ;) (Wink) 
--I'll either ask for points or for you to draw something in return. If its points I ask for then you must produce them before I draw your pie
About PrennCooderHi!!! I'm Prenn. I'm hyper, silly, girly, sassy, blunt, obnoxious, and happy. I'm a nonconformist and also a Christian. I draw and write novels. I love talking to people and getting to know them and helping them feel better about themselves. I really don't care if our opinions on a show clash or anything--I still like getting to know people. I have lots of very strong personal opinions but I like to encourage people in their own artwork even if the subject isn't something I would draw. I'm friendly but don't take that to mean that I'm flirty, because I don't flirt and I will block anyone who flirts with me on here. I care about my friends here very much even if it doesn't always show and I like to help them as much as I can. I'm a nice person and hard to annoy but trust me you do not want to make me mad.
I love art in general, and love to comment on things. I absolutely love encouraging people and have really gained a major appreciation for art in potential. I try my hardest to stay po
Aside from the misconception that Cecelia is my main OC just because she is drawn with Danny the most, there has also been a misconception that Cecelia is me, based off me, or some version of me when she isn’t and never was. Cecelia and I are very different so I’m making this journal to show that. Wenn is the main character of my gallery, not Cecelia. He is also the character I have drawn the most; I just don't post everything with him in it. I’m just stating these things to clarify because these misconceptions along with people spelling Cecelia’s name wrong are very irritating after a while. So in the future if anyone makes these misconceptions (and I hope they won't) I will link back to this journal.


How Cecelia and I are alike:

    ·         Girly in general, enjoying new clothes, accessories, and makeup

    ·         Long straight hair

    ·         Cheerleading

    ·         Upbeat and social

    ·         Great dislike for negativity

    ·         Prefers warm weather over cold


How Cecelia and I are different:

    ·         She is too girly for sports, but I enjoy some sports

    ·         She is thin but I am average weight

    ·         She never gets angry really but I can sometimes though its rare

    ·         She is a pushover and I couldn’t be more opposite

    ·         She is a total idiot, but I am smart

    ·         She is flirty and I don't flirt at all; in fact I hate being flirted with

    ·         She is calmer whereas I am hyper all the time

    ·         Her tan skin is natural but mine is from being out in the sun

    ·         She is easily impressed and I am hard to impress

    ·         She has no creativity at all, but I have a little bit

    ·         She usually doesn't get sarcasm, but I live and breathe it

    ·         She has a hard time saying no to people, but sometimes I feel like no is my favorite word

    ·         She is naturally sweet and good natured but I am sassy and have to work at being kinder because it doesn't come natural to me

    ·         Her hair is the darkest brown but mine is a mix of red, brown, and blond and is much lighter

    ·         When I created her, my hair used to be short and wavy and I had bangs and pale skin so we looked nothing alike at all

You can see her reference sheet here: .:Cecelia Hazel Reference Sheet:. by PrennCooder


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What should I draw for 10k followers on instagram? 

11 deviants said Gravity Falls
8 deviants said Danny Phantom
2 deviants said Team Prism characters


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