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More than you ever wanted to know about your OC’s outward appearance
• HOW PEOPLE PERCEIVE THEM: Kind of self-explanatory. Describe in general how other people see your character, what they think of them, and what their preconceptions about them may be.
• Example: Aerone is kinda weird because he doesn’t like to eat, but he really loves to dance. He’s kind of cool at the same time, because he’s great at dancing. People think he’s really cute, in a good looking but boyish way. People like him, and are surprised and impressed by his dedication and morals. People listen to him, because they know he believes his own words. Some people feel humbled by his good nature and don’t like that at all. Lots of girls find him attractive but by the time they notice what a gem he is, they are too intimidated by his popularity to talk to him.
• HOW THEY SEE THEMSELVES: How someone sees themselves may be entirely different to how they act around others, and how others see them. How well does your character know themselves? Are they in denial about any aspects of who they are? Do they act like someone they’re not? Does anyone know what they’re like inside?
• Example: Aerone views himself outwardly as just the average guy who’s trying to change the world around him for the better. Usually he has a distorted view of his body, thinking himself either skinnier than he really is—after not eating for a while—or thinking of himself as fat after he has eaten. He accepts his strengths but tends to hone in on his flaws naturally, and fights to keep the overall positive outlook he believes in.
• CONFIDENCE: State if your character is confident or not and how this changes based on mood and/or environment if it does. In what ways? What are they confident in? Where are they a coward?
• Example: Aerone grows from a cowardly sort of weak-minded, passive, indifferent, and slightly downtrodden individual into a determined, curious, balanced, fierce, brave, bold, and courageous person. He forces himself to beat back fear enough times that it becomes automatic. To others, he definitely projects an air of confidence.
• POSTURE AND MANNERISMS: Describe how your character is built, how they hold themselves, how they move, and why, if there is a reason. Do they have any habits or quirks? Not everyone does. Also describe how their posture and mannerisms reflect their personality.
• Example: Fully grown, Aerone is 5’7, maintaining a skinny overall body shape with toned muscles and abs. He thinks he’s awkward, but he actually has a pretty smooth, almost graceful movement. His movements are intentional and his walk is pretty comfortable. He’s light on his feet, never sluggish, clumsy, or dragging his weight around. He isn’t slow in his movements but isn’t fast either. He likes to move around, and sometimes even watches himself dance in the mirror in his bedroom. Dancing keeps him loose, and if it were not for that, he would be pretty tense. He has great peripheral vision, so while maintaining focus in class, he can observe the other ongoing situations of the environment. If someone enters his space, he would be aware of it, and only back off if he feels the need to. Generally he would be unaffected. If someone comes at him suddenly, he would react instinctively fast to get out of the way. that’s his first thought. But in a fight, he’ll make an active choice to reciprocate.
• STYLE CHOICE: Describe your character’s color scheme, what they are likely to wear, and what they’d never wear. What types of clothing do they steer towards? What do they avoid with disgust? What accessories do they have if any? What is their overall of look of dress like?
• Example: Aerone prefers wearing shades of browns mainly and using white, and maybe navy blue or faded bluegreen as accent colors. He stays away from typical bold chrome colors, because he feels like they look fake on him. He gravitates towards earth tones always.  
• Aerone is rarely found without a bandanna and boots, regardless of the weather. He usually wears a tee shirt with a long sleeve shirt underneath, skinny jeans that can be tucked into his boots, and if its cold, he’ll wear a hat and his winter coat which has animal teeth on it. He always likes to look good, because looking good is feeling good to him. He is typically open to new styles as long as they are in the brown color family, and he can still wear his bandanna. He feels naked without his bandanna.
• Aerone wouldn’t be caught dead in anything gothic, nerdy, or feminine looking. He would hate to look plain or unkempt, or even depressed. He sometimes fears he will attract the wrong crowd or receive bad opinions based on his style of dress. He isn’t a fan of wearing shorts, even in the summer.
• HOME ENVIRONMENT: Describe what their life is like at home. Describe the atmosphere and mood of the look of the place and the people in it. Describe the house or property. Describe the bedroom, or wherever it is they sleep. If they don’t have a house or apartment then just describe the place that they live in, or call home. Explain in what ways their home life affected who they came to be.
• Aerone/Shelley/Corah: They grew up with their mom and stepdad in a cozy, square-shaped two-story house. They didn’t have a lot of space but they made what they had look good. The kids didn’t really go in the basement and weren’t allowed to because Selina kept her inventions down there. But sometimes the kids snuck down there. It was a happy healthy home and the five residents loved and supported each other. Aerone loved his home life and was grateful for how his mom and stepdad’s kindness impacted who he was as a person and allowed him to grow up kind and loving like they were.
Whether you do this with your group of characters or just one or two, I've found it to be abundantly helpful. Often when presented with a series of questions, and having to think of them on an individualistic level, you’re forced in a way to diversify your answers to attune to each character’s different attributes. When presented with the same question for each character, this is going to highlight their differences as a group, and hopefully get you to develop some areas of them that you haven’t thought of yet. Be sure to keep notes on what you learned about your characters from doing these exercises. 

On a side note, I hope you learned more about Aerone as well <3 Thanks for reading. I hope the categories presented in this guide help you in your overall character development.

My own main group:
Aerone Reference Sheet
Travis Reference Sheet
Cecelia Reference Sheet
Wenn Reference Sheet
Kibbon Reference Sheet
Garth Reference Sheet
Larrow Reference Sheet
Preston Reference Sheet
Corah Reference Sheet
Shelley Reference Sheet

.:WHO THEY ARE:.This post will explain my OCs to you in more detail than their reference sheets, without posting their several thousand word bios. I'll be describing Aerone, Travis, Cecelia, Wenn, Garth, and Kibbon. All are open for friends and closed for pairs. I'll be linking back to this page whenever someone wants to know more about my OCs. I'd be willing to add on descriptions of Larrow, Preston, Shelley, and Corah if requested. 
Notes: This is my own original universe, non-Danny Phantom affiliated. Team Prism is anyone who is a part of Aerone's group of allies. Desintirde is the home realm of the Zerim. All species referenced in this are my own species, and they are closed. The word that comes after their name in bold is their superhero name. 
 AERONE SOVANT/TYLESION (Born in 1990) Species: Zerim/Human. Home Realms: Human Realm/Desintirde
Powers: flight, hot red energy blasts, red shield, invisibility, intangibility, slightly enhanced strengt
  OFFICIAL ask my OCs!In effort to develop them more, I've opened up asks.
Ask my #OCs questions and I'll do my best to reply as them as realistically as possible. So it'll be like talking to them! Some of them are jerks, others are nice, and some are just weird. So keep that in mind if you get a reply that seems a bit off from me, since I'll try to stay in their character. The closest I do to #roleplay. You can ask as your character too if you want. Just don't expect a picture to come from this lol. But if I am inspired as such, I'll draw it. No real time ("What are you doing right now?") or inappropriate questions please! I'll trust that you all can keep it PG-13.
Characters open for asks. Any of these nine!
  -Art Trades And Commissions OPEN-The newly updated journal for my art trades and commissions specifications. I only take point commissions, not paypal. 
+Open for anyone that has an idea that interests me. Unlimited; no slots. I prefer new people rather than having the same person or the same character several times.
+Don't be afraid to ask me anything you need to know about my characters for this!
Note: If you start drawing something or pay before I have agreed to anything with you, I'm not obligated to draw you anything, or to refund you. 

+I have to like the character a lot.
+I need a colored reference picture of your character drawn by you. No, bases don't count.
+I have to be able to see some kind of dynamic between your character and at least one of mine. 
+Your character must be either a Danny Phantom OC or a non-fandom OC which is compatible with my own characters' universe. 
What I'll draw:
  -FRIENDS For My Characters-I'm always looking for friends for my OCs. Keep their birth years and personalities in mind as you consider which characters of yours they could become friends with. 
So if you have a Danny Phantom or Non-fandom OC that wouldn't conflict with the universe, think on it ;) let me know if you have OCs that you think could be their friends. Contact me! I LIVE FOR THIS STUFF HEHEHEHEEEE! Might give us art trade ideas!
AERONE (Extrovert): He likes to make friends with people who have an open heart and open arms so to speak. He likes people who take an interest in the benefit of others and helping them. He humility and optimism in people who have a driven good nature. He is

Open Contest:  -CONTEST TekairoxOC-My new contest theme will be creating a guy to be paired with my character Tekairo Gianta. 
Based on reading Tekairo’s bio [below] I am looking forward to seeing what kind of guy you can come up with to compliment who she is as a person. I want to see as much detail and thought put into your character as possible, with the exception of general backstory—I will not read any backstory over 200 words long. Tekairo is a well-loved and major [but not main] character of mine who I’m the most open to pairing off with various other people’s guys. The contest deadline will be Friday, June 2nd, 2017. The prize will be a choice of either 100 points or multiple free drawings of your OC with Tekairo and/or various other characters of mine. This contest is not exclusive to watchers only—meaning, anyone can enter. Entries unlimited. 
*YOU CAN USE AN EXISTING OC. You don't have to make a new one. As long as he follows the criteria.
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